Recommended Authors

I love to read!  Fiction I find relaxing, but often I read to understand more about God and His ways.

And perhaps like many of you, I am always searching for books that speak to my spirit, that challenge me, provoke me to look at my heart, my actions and my relationships – with God and others.

The other day I was discussing with someone the authors whose books I would probably read sight unseen. I have written them out below with a brief description. Hope you enjoy reading some of them.

Listed in no particular order:

  1. Henri Nouwen – He is a thinker, feeler, and writes with great identification and humanity about our lives with Christ.
  2. Vishal Mangalwadi – an Indian christian philosopher, social activist and reformer.  I have read the two books listed below that give great insight into the world view and cultural practices that create great nations.  a. The Book That Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization (Thomas Nelson, 2011),    b. Truth and Transformation: A Manifesto for Ailing Nations (YWAM, 2009),
  3. Andrew Murray – b. 1828- d. 1917   A South African pastor, teacher and prolific writer. Probably one of my favorite authors. I have a book of his selected quotes that “bite” my spirit each time I read them.
  4. Loren Cunningham – He is the founder of the Youth With A Mission, and arguably one of the greatest missionary statesman of the modern world. His books are practical, to the point and hit truths that are basic but ignored in a lot of the church today.
  5. Charles Spurgeon- a bit harder to read at times, but one can tell that he has lived what he writes about.
  6. CS Lewis – Again – so practical and to the point. He strips away the unnecessary and points me to a clearer and cleaner walk with the Lord.

So – those are a few of my favourite authors. Mostly because they lead me to greater intimacy with God. Always my goal!

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